Abbey Road

October 8, 2018

“Launching a new book is always exciting; having the launch at Studio 2 Abbey Road takes excitement to a previously unobtainable level.

On Thursday, September 20th at 18.30 ‘In My Life- a Music Memoir’ was released into the community at that wonderful venue.

The studio had been hired for the day and the morning saw a wonderful performance by the ‘Extraordinary Cavern Beatles’. These four musicians from Liverpool play the tunes of the Fab Four so expertly that they have a regular spot at the Cavern Club in Liverpool every weekend.

In the afternoon a bunch of students from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) took over to record some of their songs at my invitation.

Students of music, composition and record engineering combined to make full use of the most iconic studio in the world: for this is where the Beatles auditioned in front of George Martin and where, subsequently they recorded all that wonderful music culminating in the ‘Abbey Road’ album in 1969.

Studio 2 hasn’t changed at all – the parquet floor, the drapes and cladding, the long flight of stairs up to the control room; all are as they were all those years ago. The continuity has nothing to do with preservation. It simply reflects the fact that having achieved the perfect conditions for high quality sound reproduction, nothing then needs to be changed, apart from the recording equipment in the control room which has kept pace with technical advances.

All my guests had a wonderful time and I’m pleased to say they all survived their many walks across that famous zebra crossing outside.”

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