Althorp Literary Festival

October 8, 2018

Here I am with Bernie Keith who interviewed me in the palatial surroundings of Althorp.
This glorious stately home was built in the early 16th century for the Spencer dynasty and Charles Spencer and his wife Karen welcome us to their home.
A talented writer of Stuart history, Charles is a wonderful host and Bernie Keith is the perfect interviewer.
Amongst his many other pursuits (including a one-man show at the Edinburgh festival), Bernie has a rock music programme on BBC Radio Northampton.
An expert on many genre’s of pop music, he comes with a number of props including the Buddy Holly book on show in the photo. Buddy, Bowie and (of course) the Beatles all feature prominently in ‘In My Life’. We spend a happy hour with a wonderful audience talking about Lonnie, Bert Weedon and the revolutionary effect of the pirate radio stations.

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