Escaping the chaos of Brexit and the Tory Leadership contest, we spend a glorious weekend at the Bath Literary and Music Festival.
Bath is one of my favourite Cities. Every corner turned reveals another scene from the past perfectly preserved.

On Saturday evening I’m interviewed by Caroline Saunderson at the Assembly Rooms about ‘In My Life’ and on Sunday morning I join Mark Lewisohn and David Hepworth at the same venue to talk about one of my favourite subjects – The Beatles. Mark is of course the most authoritative biographer of the Fab Four and David is the music journalist and author whose work has covered every facet of pop and includes the provocatively entitled ‘Why the Beatles were under-rated’.

He is an excellent Chair making sure the audience gets a good go at adding to my adoration and Mark’s knowledgable authority about the greatest ‘beat group’ the world has ever known.

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