Blairgowrie Festival

October 8, 2018

At Blairgowrie I’m interviewed by the local MP who happens to be the first MP to have appeared on ‘Top of the Pops’.
Pete Wishart played keyboards with Celtic rockers, Runrig and prior to that was with Big Country. He was a successful musician who became a politician whereas I missed out on the first bit.
Given our shared devotion to pop music, albeit with Pete’s perspective being shaped in a post-Beatles world (he was born in the year the Fab Four cut their first disc), it was a thoroughly absorbing conversation and the audience made a terrific contribution.
One man asked if Theresa May had damaged politics and pop by her entrance at the Conservative Party conference.
Another audience member reflected on the fact that whilst he couldn’t cope with the streaming and Spotifying that his son used to listen to music, his son was equally perplexed by the old record player that he used to play his vinyl discs!
Blairgowrie is a fabulous festival in a beautiful Perthshire location and with the most helpful of volunteers.

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