Alan and James at Beverley Folk Festival

Beverley Folk Festival

"On Sunday we had a home fixture. The Beverley Folk Festival began 32 years ago and has gone from strength to strength."

Alan Johnson

Derby Book Festival

“Matthew Parris is one of my favourite writers. His elegant prose has adorned ‘The Times’ for many years and long...

1984 Live

“To University of London this evening to participate in ‘1984 Live’, a reading of the whole of Orwell’s dystopian novel...

The Hay Festival

The Hay Festival is the Glastonbury of the book world; what the Chelsea Flower Show is to horticulture, the Proms to classical music.

Writing commissions

I am fortunate to be receiving lots of writing commissions. So as well as getting on with the next book which can be loosely described as a music memoir

Salisbury Book Festival

"I love book festivals. Indeed I sometimes say that the only reason I write books is so that I can attend them."

Interviews in Scotland

"I love Scotland and it was great to get the opportunity to see more of it the other weekend (May 12th to 14th) when I did three book events in weather that was mixed to say the least."

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