Books By The Beach – Scarborough

June 11, 2023

On a glorious summer Saturday we drive from our part of East Yorkshire to Scarborough in North Yorkshire for one of our very favourite book festivals.

Books By The Beach is always such fun because it reflects the personality of it’s driving force – Heather French. Heather runs the library service in Scarborough and is passionate about books. I’m here to talk about ‘One of Our Ministers is Missing’ which went paperback a week ago. Gerry Foley is my interviewer and we have a jolly hour discussing my book and those ministers/MPs who have gone missing already.

There may be some convoluted explanation for Boris Johnson’s retreat just as there may be some kind of explanation as to why Donald Trump stacked boxes and boxes of classified documents in the ballroom of his Florida estate after leaving office, but as things stand the actions of both men just look like an incredible piece of petulant stupidity.

An audience of around two hundred missed the European Champions League Final to hear Gerry and I chew the cud.

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