Buxton Festival

November 26, 2018

Buxton is a uniquely beautiful town, it’s Regency splendour reminiscent of Bath but on a smaller scale and with streams and parkland that meld with the glorious Derbyshire dales that surround it.

I’m appearing at the Pavilion Arts Centre and was surprised and delighted to find that a brass band had been hired to welcome me. But then my wife pointed out that we’d arrived on the evening that the Christmas lights had been switched on and the band was for this, not for me.
Mike Neary, who interviewed me, is a scouser and an accomplished musician and thespian. We had an engrossing conversation before the event had even begun and when it did Mike bubbled with enthusiasm for the book and the music it describes.
I spotted Shirley Williams in the audience but didn’t get to speak to her as she’d left before I could reach her. I was told that she’d delivered a riveting hour long lecture at the Festival that morning. I’m a great admirer of Baroness Williams and would have loved to hear her views on the latest developments in the sorry saga that is Britain’s exit from the EU.

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