I know I keep going on about Waterstones card reading technology (which you can just see in this photograph of me with the two excellent employees from Waterstones at Godalming who worked so hard during my Cranleigh event) so this is the last time I’ll mention it.
I should perhaps point out that the shops themselves have all the latest gadgets. These old machines only appear when Waterstones staff go on tour so to speak.
Cranleigh Arts Centre is a fabulous venue in what purports to be the biggest village in England. Julie Waters is a patron and many other stars who live in the vicinity provide pro bono support. Deep in the Surrey Hills, the theatre provides all kinds of entertainment for the residents of a string of villages outside the dormitory town of Guildford.
An old friend from Hull happened to be in the area and we enjoyed a drink in the Six Bells pub opposite the venue – all wood fires and real ale. The perfect prelude to a warm and intimate event.
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