I must apologise for my crumpled appearance in this photograph taken with the manager of Waterstones. My only excuse is that I’d just spent the night in the worst hotel I’ve ever encountered.
If you’re ever in Dorchester DO NOT stay at The Junction – £90 for a squalid room that looks as if it hasn’t been cleaned let alone renovated in sixty years. 
To balance this out please DO eat at one of the best Turkish restaurants we’ve ever experienced. Rather incongruously it’s situated in the Judge Jeffries Inn close to the Corn Exchange where we appeared on Wednesday evening.
The Inn is where the notorious judge lived. He probably never ate so much as an olive in his entire life so what he would make of the fabulous mediterranean food available in his old dining room is anybody’s guess.
As a huge fan of Hardy’s novels it’s always good to stay in ‘Casterbridge’ despite the awful hotel.  
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