Topping Books – Ely

Date:September 13, 2021 Cost:£8 - £16.99
Topping Books – Ely


Venue: Lighthouse Centre
Address: 13 Lynn Road, Ely, CB7 4EG
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Time: September 13, 2021, 7:10 pm - 8:30 pm


This event is open to the public.


Cost: £8 - £16.99


Alan Johnson’s childhood memoir This Boy was published in 2013 and won a string of awards. It was followed by another award winner Please Mr Postman which won the National Book Club award for Best Biography. Finally, The Long and Winding Road won the Parliamentary Book Award for Best Memoir. Alan was a Labour MP for 20 years before retiring ahead of the 2017 general election. He served in five cabinet positions in the Governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown including Education Secretary, Health Secretary and Home Secretary.

Gary Nelson has a routine for the commute to his rather dull job in the city. Each day, he watches as a woman on the train applies her make up in a ritual he now knows by heart. He’s never dared to strike up a conversation, but maybe one day. Then one evening, on the late train to Gipsy Hill…

Now one of best known politicians has turned to crime fiction, and it’s a corker!

‘Charming’ Mail on Sunday
‘Johnson’s writing style is easy, relaxed, self-deprecating . . . impressive’ Observer
‘Johnson writes wonderfully’ Telegraph
‘This boy can write . . .’ The Spectator

Whatever your politics, it’s time to join us to welcome Alan for an evening of the unexpected.