October 7, 2019

There are no photos from Farnham on account of the fact that we forgot to take any. We were having such fun at The Maltings in front of a sell-out audience of 250 that the time just flew by.
Waterstones provided the books and sold close to 100 (once again dealing with card payments via the ancient technology that requires a customer signature).
As we traverse the country I’m struck by how many places have a literary link – John Fowles in Lyme Regis, Hardy in Dorchester and here in Farnham, William Cobbett, farmer, journalist, pamphleteer and Member of Parliament who was born here.
I read ‘Rural Rides’, his famous book detailing his journey around England on horseback in the 18th century, thirty years ago. He was a radical in a town that had, a century earlier, been a Cromwellian stronghold. Now the town is in the safe Conservative seat occupied by Jeremy Hunt.
It is a lovely old town and The Bishop’s Table where I stayed was everything that The Junction in Dorchester is not!

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