Henley Literary Festival

October 8, 2018

Henley upon Thames is famous for it’s larger-than-life, blonde Tory MPs (Hezza followed by Bojo).

That succession has ended and even I, as a recently departed MP, couldn’t recall the name of the current incumbent.

Which leaves the town to bask in the fame of it’s regatta and it’s annual literature festival.
This is the fourth time I’ve appeared in the lovely theatre that hosted my event: and, in a repeat of my first visit, I was interviewed by Lesley Garner, a wise and entertaining foil.

Lesley had looked up the 8 records I’d selected on Desert Island Discs in 2007 and pointed out that not a single one made it into the 25 songs that provide the chapter headings for ‘In My Life’.

I explained that the book’s chapter headings do not necessarily denote my favourite record from each year (although some do). Their role is to provide a theme song for the specific memories from that year. It is music for evocation rather than entertainment.

I congratulated Lesley on an excellent question and said I hoped I’d selected enough records for my next three appearances on DID!

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