In My Life – the Lake District Tour

December 18, 2023

‘In My Life – a Music Memoir’ was my fourth book, published in 2018 and it formed the basis for a 52 date theatre tour in 2019/20. Each chapter of the book covers a year between my first music memory in 1957 and twenty five years later when I finally accepted that I wasn’t good enough to have a career in music, either as a rock star or a song writer. Each chapter is tied to a piece of music from one of those twenty five years and in the theatre show we’d play some music and chat about the significance of the year and the song. The final show of that tour was in Lincoln the day before lock down.

My agent, Andrew Wilson, and I decided to revive the concept for a short October tour of the Lake District, an area of the country our tour hadn’t reached. This poster (great design by the guys at Sobanana Penguin) is of course a mock-up of the famous cover of ‘With the Beatles’, the Fab Four’s second album released in November 1963. As well as Keswick, we did The Green Room in Carlisle and the Coro in Ulverston.

In this final location, famous for being the birthplace of Stan Laurel, I found out that it was also where Bill Haley’s mum was born – so at a stretch it could also be described as the birthplace of rock and roll.

In the book signing queue that night was the lovely Rachel who as a child lived next door to me on the Britwell Estate in Slough. And a few places behind her, the daughter of a former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland! My lips are sealed as to which one.

Andrew and I had such fun that we’re going to do it again next year – in Cornwall and the West Country. Watch this space.

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