Jarrolds in Norwich

Jarrolds may well be unique. I know of no other department store outside London which still sells books.
The store is family owned and the Jarrolds obviously take Norwich’s status as a Literature City seriously.
Its a wonderful store and I was there on Thursday to be interviewed by Chris Rushby – Jarrolds book buyer. Chris used to work for Waterstones when it was owned by HMV and has a long association with the book trade. He’s also a huge Dylan fan and berated me (in his charming way) for saying that Dylan was never as good after his motorbike accident in the late sixties.
Taste in music is of course subjective which is why it is the subject of fiercely argued debate.
On Thursday 200 citizens of Norwich packed into the 3rd Floor restaurant (The Pantry) at Jarrolds each one receiving ‘In My Life – A Music Memoir’ as part of the ticket price. Chris’s mellifluous voice was perfect for the interview and his lovely wife, Alison, was one of the support staff helping to shepherd the audience through the book signing queue at the end.
A truly uplifting occasion at a wonderful department store.
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