Knutsford Literature Festival

October 16, 2018

Sunday afternoon at the Cottons Hotel in Knutsford. It’s wet and windy but over 200 people turn up in the magnificent ballroom of the hotel by the 2.30 start.
Audrey Young, the Chair of the Organising Committee is on stage to get me going with a few well honed questions.
In our pre-event chat Audrey tells me that the Knutsford Festival has been going since year 2000. It’s success is down to the hard work of the volunteers and the loyalty of local people who have shown tremendous support down the years.
There is an innovative scheme agreed between the festival organisers and Waterstones whereby the £7 cost of the ticket is taken off the price of my book making it available to attendees for £10.
This may explain why, at the end of a thoroughly enjoyable hour, I sign lots and lots of books.

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