Please, Mister Postman

The moving sequel to the Sunday Times bestseller, This Boy.

Available in eBook, Paperback, Hardback and Audiobook

Before the internet, social media, British Telecom and mobile phones there was the mighty GPO. The General Post Office had a virtual monopoly on all forms of communication. One in every twenty of the working population worked for this arm of the civil service.

In 1968 having stacked shelves at Tesco and failed in my great ambition to be a rock and roll star, I became one of them, joining as a postman aged 18. By the age of twenty I had a wife and three children to support and was living on a huge council estate in Slough. This book records working class life in the 1970’s, my early involvement with the trade union movement and the tragedy that stalked my sister, orphaned in her teens and widowed in her twenties.

‘Please, Mister Postman’ won the National Book Club’s “Biography of the Year” award.


The best political testament I have ever read

New Statesman


This boy can write…there’s nothing second-rate about his writing. He is a natural.

The Spectator

A wonderful elegy for a life that has only just passed into history… Beautifully written, affecting and sad

John Rentoul
Independent on Sunday


Johnson’s writing style is easy, relaxed, self-deprecating. His recall and eye for detail are impressive.

Chris Mullin