Ryedale Festival

The day after publication and we’re at our first event – the Ryedale Book Festival In our home county of Yorkshire.

The event is in Malton, a lovely market town with an old and well-kept community venue.

I’m to be interviewed by David Banks who has taken enormous trouble to provide a soundtrack of songs from the book and devised a complex system of signals by which to instruct his sound engineer when to start and stop a track. We run into trouble on ‘Tom Dooley’ which ………… has obtained, not by Lonnie Donegan as per the book, but by the Kingston Trio. The only problem is that this version has a long-narrated introduction which we sit through as the audience stare nervously at us and we stare back for what feels like ages before the song kicks in.

But after that all goes well. Needless to say, my interviewer, the sound engineer and everybody else involved are volunteers.

Sarah, the book-loving and indefatigable organiser, tells us how hard it is to get sufficient numbers to staff the hall, organise the tickets, distribute the leaflets etc.

It’s a solid start to nine months of touring to all parts of Britain. Perhaps we should design a tee-shirt for the ‘In My Life’ Tour – 2018/19.

Closest I’ll ever get to a rock star lifestyle.”

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