April 15, 2019

The weather is cold with a biting wind as we set off for Scarborough in our native East Yorkshire. But when we arrive at the Crescent Hotel we soon experience the warmth generated by the ‘Books By The Beach’ literary festival.

The source is Heather French, head of the library service in Scarborough and Whitby and driving force behind the festival. In the five years that we’ve been coming here a bond of friendship has developed with Heather. She is one of the most positive and friendly people we know and she’s made ‘BBTB’ one of the most successful festivals in the country.

My interviewer once again is Peter Gutteridge, a successful crime writer who I could just as easily be interviewing such is my fascination with the way he writes his books.

We appear in front of a full-house on this chilly Saturday night and once again I have a whale of a time in Scarborough.

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