September 29, 2019

Stantonbury is part of the amazing metropolis that is Milton Keynes. In my second memoir, ‘Please, Mister Postman’ (my reading of which has recently been repeated on BBC R4Extra) i describe going to Bletchley Park, where the Enigma Code was famously cracked in WW2, in order to be trained as a Postman Higher Grade. The Post Office then owned the facility and I describe seeing Milton Keynes skeletal foundations from the train. This was 1974 and the heroic work of Alan Turing and his colleagues was only beginning to be revealed.
Forty five years later Turing’s memory is rightly revered, the Postman Higher Grade no longer exists and MK is a major city in the Buckinghamshire countryside.
The school premises in which our theatre venue is located was originally built to cater for the children of Open University lecturers and is packed for our Sunday evening show.

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