April 29, 2019

And so to Stratford, in the week of Shakespeare’s birthday. I’m appearing at the Bear Pit on Friday night. It’s a small and intimate venue staffed entirely by volunteers. The ones who usually handle the technical stuff have all gone down with the dreaded lurgi. As a result another volunteer, Brian, steps into the breach and does a wonderful job.

Andrew Wilson, my interviewer, calls for a special round of applause for Brian which is given with gusto. Andrew deserves special thanks as well. He’s had the lurgi all week but has carried on regardless (as we men usually do!!).

An old friend from my Union days is there. Denis McWilliams was our Regional Secretary for the Midlands and is one of the most intelligent and cultured individuals I’ve ever worked with. He and his friend Sally come on a bus from Leamington Spa and it makes my day just to see him again.

Stratford bans all traffic from the town centre on Saturday morning to allow for the celebrations. As our car is trapped in the Shakespeare Hotel car park we have the pleasure of joining the crowds as well as exploring the excellent market stalls down by the river.

This photograph was taken in one of the nooks and crannies of our venerable hotel.

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