June 12, 2019

As you can tell from this photograph of me shaking hands with Andrew Wilson whilst preparing to leave the Roses Theatre in Tewksbury after our show, the weather hasn’t improved.
This is the last date on the ‘An Evening With’ theatre tour that began last September. We’ll be back on the road for the next tour in three months and I hope it’s as productive and enjoyable as this tour has been.
The Roses is a perfect theatre to end this tour in. Plush red velvet seats, ornately decorated balconies and a spacious stage mark this venue out as one that has housed many entertainers in it’s long history.
Tragically it’s the theatre where Eric Morecambe succumbed to his final heart attack whilst performing on stage. He died at the local hospital.
For the first and only time on this tour there are no books for sale. In the absence of a local bookseller we brought books with us for these final two shows but sold them all in Crewe. I suppose it was the right time to run out.
Off to Belfast on Thursday for a book festival and such events will continue to be reported until the theatre tour resumes in the Autumn.

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