October 7, 2019

I’ve been to Thame before because my eldest grandchild, Carmel, lives there with her boyfriend Max. We enjoy a lovely lunch at the Six Bells one of the many fabulous Inns and pubs in the town. We are staying at the Spreadeagle and before we leave Luise (on my left in the photograph) presents me with a Folio Society edition of ‘An Innkeeper’s Diary’. It’s author, John Fothergill, ran the Spreadeagle in the early 20th century and is said to have been the living embodiment of Basil Fawltey.
The Book House has been Thame’s independent bookshop since 1972. It’s owner, Brian, is at our event in the Player’s Theatre, with Luise and other staff members to sell books from the stage during the interval. It’s a cosy, intimate theatre and all 75 seats were sold for our event.
Apart from Fothergill’s book there is another literary link to this pretty Thames Valley town. WB Yeats lived here in the 1920’s and his son who was to become an Irish Senator, was born in the town. 
Andrew Wilson, my host at the event, joined the Sunday evening queue for what I’m told are the best kebabs in the world, sold from a mobile kitchen at the top of the High Street. People come from all over to sample this food and Andrew just manages to consume his before the show begins.

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