The final Steph’s Packed Lunch – December 8th 2023

December 18, 2023

Here’s the team responsible for making ten hours and fifty minutes of fun television every week. I’ve loved being part of Steph’s Packed Lunch for the last three years. Filmed at Leeds Dock it wasn’t far to travel from my home in East Yorkshire and its mixture of the profound and the trivial was addictive.

I’m confident that Steph will continue to be a superstar on British television and all of us who were fortunate to be on the show have other things to do. But this photo captures the people who made the programme – the directors, producers, make-up artists, camera crew, script writers, floor managers, runners, audio engineers, designers – many of them youngsters who moved to Leeds for the show. It’s a tough time in telly and many will be unemployed over Christmas. They include some of the nicest human beings I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

My sister couldn’t spot me in this photo, so why not make a game of trying to find me, we can call it ‘Where’s the Wally?’

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