The Whitstable Literary Festival had a year off in 2018. I provide the opening interview of 2019. 

This event had everything – a great organiser in Victoria Falconer, who is a Beatles/Wings fanatic (but charmingly so), a great interviewer in the shape of novelist Jane Wenham Jones, marvellous venue in the lecture theatre of Whitstable School, an excellent audience and a thriving local independent bookshop (Harbour Books). What sealed it’s unique status is that Victoria’s friend who was helping on the door is Paul McCartney’s cousin!!! and Victoria’s mother, Linda, went to school with my sister Linda.

They were both born in 1947 and attended Fulham County Grammar but because on their dates of birth may well have been in different years.

What an absolute pleasure it was to meet Victoria, Jane, Linda and, of course, Paul McCartney’s cousin.

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