February 11, 2019

Wolverhampton City Council has been organising a literary festival for several years now. It’s a fine example of municipal culture and I’m appearing at 3pm on a Saturday – just as Wolves are kicking off at Everton.
Being here is a chance to meet old friends. Rob Marris, who stepped down as MP for one of the three Wolverhampton seats at the time of the last election, texts me to arrange a coffee. He says that he refuses to pay £20 to hear me waffle on when he used to have that afflicted on him for free in Parliament.

But Emma Reynolds and Pat McFadden, two of my favourite members of the Parliamentary Labour Party, turn up for the event with the legendary Pat McAuliffe, Pat McF’s case worker who has been sorting out problems for Wolverhampton constituents for many years. It’s great to be able to meet her.

I also meet that thoughtful and funny commentator on life, politics and the human condition, Stewart Lee, who has the slot after mine.
Andrew Wilson does his usual excellent job of interviewing me and fielding questions. A warm and wonderful event.

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