Wrexham Carnival of Words

Back to Wrexham for my third appearance at the annual ‘Carnival of Words’ festival. It’s held in the Gwersyllt Centre and there’s the usual strong sense of community fostered by Carnival organiser Sandra. She’s on duty on Saturday evening despite the fact that it’s her birthday. After an hour and a half on stage I have the privilege of presenting a bouquet to Sandra on behalf of the Carnival participants.
My interviewer is Dave McCall who writes historical fiction under the pen name David Ebsworth. Dave and his wife Ann have become good friends over the years, bemoaning the fact that we can never find the time to have dinner together.
Dave/David’s latest book is a departure from his usual genre. It’s the story of Elihu Yale of US university fame. ‘The Doubtful Diaries of Wicked Mistress Yale’ is a book to put on any ‘must read’ list.
Waterstones of Wrexham sold the books and this photograph is of me with somebody really special. Phil Burrows is my website designer and lives in Wrexham. This is the first time we’ve met and allows me to say how great his work is to the man himself.
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