Like any author, I’m never happier than when selling books. Helping me at Yarm was Drake’s Bookshop of Stockton-on-Tees.
On a lovely summer’s evening beside the River Tees, the Theatre show with Andy Richardson comes to this lovely town which I’ve never previously visited despite my long years of travelling the country as either a Union officer dealing with disagreements on behalf of postal workers or as a government minister or most recently as a travelling author.
A word about Andy, whose modesty even prevents him from introducing himself on stage.
He has worked with/written about/associated with some of the biggest names in rock music and theatre. He’s been a writer on the iconic NME, has ghost written several autobiographies and more recently has reviewed restaurants and dabbled in food photography for recipe books.
He’s one of the most hard working men I’ve ever met as well as being one of the nicest and his “Way With Media” company has provided gigs that have helped to sustain theatre venues across the country.
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