Winstone’s Sherborne

From Monmouth to Sherborne in Dorset via a short detour to Weston Super Mare.

The weather continues to be sunny and warm and we couldn’t resist a trip to the seaside.

Sherborne is an attractive location that we see little of as we have to drive straight back to East Yorkshire after the event.

This has been organised by another independent book shop – Winstone’s, whose manager Wayne greets me on arrival at Cheap St. Church where I’m to be interviewed by the fabulous Jenny Devitt who interviewed me at Yeovil last year and will interview me again at Sidmouth on Friday at another Winstone’s event.

The church is packed to the roof and there are lots of books to sign afterwards.

We arrived home at 02.30 on Thursday but have no regrets – that’s to say I have none, it was my wife who did the driving.

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