A home match 30 miles up the road in Beverley. I’m appearing at the magnificent East Riding Theatre. It’s a full house and I recognise many old friends in the audience.

My interviewer, Andrew Wilson, is in top form insisting that I repeat an old joke that I told him before the show started (concerning an order of nuns at Beverley Minster known as the Beverley Sisters).

A few years back the town was declared “the best place to live in Britain” and one of the best things about it is that it’s only 7 miles from Hull, still Britains Capital of Culture.

Selling books in the interval was JE Books, a new bookshop based  at Hepworth’s Arcade in Hull city centre. I’ve agreed to do a reading and book signing there on June 15th – anything to help the cause of independent book shops fighting back against the decline of Britain’s High Streets.

The audience questions are many and varied but there wasn’t a single one on Brexit. Perhaps Brexit fatigue has well and truly set in.

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